From the life of the Grim Reaper

I’m finally online!

Hello, it’s really me!

After 2.6 million years, it’s really time to tell you about me. You have no idea …

Well, I am death! – No, wrong, I am very much alive. – How shall I describe it correctly? I am THE DEATH! The Grim Reaper! The guy with the scythe and the hourglass! The one with the black cape! The fastest skeleton in this universe! The one who always yells HoHoHo; no, not always, I only do that when I represent Santa.

Why does everyone always think I’m gloomy or in a bad mood or just a bad guy? Every time I meet one of you (unfortunately, I only meet each of you once in my life), I have to tell a lot of jokes until you finally laugh. For example, jokes about death!

When your time on earth is over, your soul can go on an indescribably beautiful journey. It’s great what you experience then! And funny! – I am responsible for separating your soul from your body, so that you can start this journey and not crumble to dust together with your body. I am the start of your new life! This is so much fun, I could do this forever! (O.k. I will do it forever).

I am …

  • quite different from what everyone thinks
  • really in a good mood
  • open for any kind of fun
  • from time to time a little scary

I have …

  • crazy hobbies
  • many friends
  • the best job in the world

I love …

  • the color black … and pink … and sky blue … and …
  • my job (I can’t mention it often enough!)
  • my daughter
  • all of you (group hug!)

Now my blog starts:

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